July 19, 2014

The start time for the 5K is 9:30am.

The start time for the 1K Fun Run is 9:00am.

Aldrich Park
University of California, Irvine

103 Student Center Parking Structure
Irvine Ca, 92697


A few questions you might have... and the answers.

Q: What do I get with my registration?
A: You are going to get soaking wet. Runners get Splash Dash shirts, too . Plus, stick around for the Splash Dash BASH , where we'll have music and FREE summer treats after you run the dash so that you can have a blast afterwards, too.

Q: Will there be any swimming?
A: Nope. Not at all. Not even a little bit.

Q: Will you need volunteers?
A: Of course we will. Please email beachcities@splashdash5k for more information if you would like to volunteer.

Q: What's the minimum age to participate?
A: For the 5K race 5 years old and up. For the 1K 3 years old and up.

Q: What should I wear?
A: We personally like clown noses, pirate hats and afro wigs. Goggles, sunglasses, scuba gear and hazmat suits are cool, too. But, if all you have is a t-shirt, shorts, and running shoes you should be okay.

Q: How can I pick up my race packet (or a friend's packet)?
A: Bring a signed waiver to the packet pick up location. Packet pickup will be at A Snail's Pace Running Shop, 8780 Warner Ave, Fountain Valley, CA.  You can pick up your packet on Friday, July 18th 10am to 7pm.  If you are picking up for a friend he/she will need to sign a consent form and provide you a copy of his/her ID. Even though race day pick up is available at the race there's no bigger buzz kill than waiting in line to get your packet when you're ready and super pumped to run the Splash Dash. So, pick it up at the the pre-race pick up location or send someone from your running crew to get it with a copy of your ID. If race day pickup is your plan, be sure to be at the event at 8:30am.

Q: Do you issue refunds?
A: Nope

Q: What if I want to skip a splash station or don't want a water gun sprayed at me?
A: There will be a path to avoid any splashing station including the wet slides, and a signal for super soakers and hoses. There are many support groups for Ablutophia, Aquaphobia and Hydrophobia.

Q: Is the 1K different from the 5K?
A: Other than 4 kilometers? Yes, it is slightly different. Because the smaller kiddos will be participating in this shorter distance the main difference is that the run will be exclusively in Aldrich Park. Most splash stations are included on the 1K course.

Q: Can I run the 1K Fun Run with my kid?
A: Sure thing! In fact, the family should wager on who will win- you or the whipper snapper. Simply register for the 1K race along with your kiddo. If you are already registered for the 5K race then your 1K participation is complimentary. As long as you have a bib you are good to go for the 1K race.  Parents can run the 1K free of charge with their children, whether or not they run the 5K.

Q: Is the 5K race stroller friendly?
A: Those child advocacy groups told us "NO!". The demonstration of the stroller on the slip n slide didn't go so well. There are some hills, but no stairs. We incourage families to come and play together and enjoy the Splash Bash After Party.

Q: Is the race timed?
A: The race is not timed. If you need to know your time, please clock yourself. As well, there are no competitive heats. Have your entire group together at the starting line to ensure you start together.