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Imagine being known as the person who started "the next big race" in your town...

...YOU can leverage the Splash Dash's massive success to easily create a LIFE CHANGING, ACTION PACKED, and REWARDING BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY for you!

Do any of these sound like YOU?

I'm a fitness professional and I want to establish my name,
grow my reach and maximize my profits
I'm part of a charitable organization that needs to raise funds to
support our cause and create awareness about our charity

I'm an entrepreneur looking for the ultimate out-of-the-box
business with incredible income potential

...then the Splash Dash opportunity is for you!

Limitless Income Potential
Start Your Race Business FAST because we’ve done the hard work for you
No royalties or monthly fees
Be part of a fun, unique and positive business
Collaborate and connect with a growing network of passionate owners and partners
Make a difference in your community, and the lives of adults and children

Turn your excitement for fitness and your enthusiasm for running into your work. Even though you don’t have to be a runner, you do have to be passionate about creating an exciting fitness event for hundreds (or thousands!) of eager participants.

Whether you're a runner,  a charitable organization, a fitness professional or someone who loves planning amazing events, we encourage you to consider the one-of-a-kind Splash Dash 5K opportunity. 

We help you every step of the way to ensure your success. Here's how:

  LOCATION Availability

As a Splash Dash 5K owner you will operate in your area without the competition from any other Splash Dash 5K licensees.

We currently have race locations available throughout the United States and internationally.

  License & Business System


As a Splash Dash 5K owner, you'll receive
everything you need to run a successful race.

Owners will hit the ground running and benefit from the proven success of Splash Dash 5K’s established professionals that have contributed to our system, their extensive knowledge and experience.

SD5K Owners can start their business much faster and easier than if one started all alone. Owners will learn precisely how to create a safe and exciting race that will thrill participants and have them bringing all of their friends and family to experience the same adventure.

Previous race experience as a runner is simply not enough to succeed in the racing market. This is why we include proven marketing and business systems that will help owners succeed.


"The Splash Dash 5k is a brilliant business model for entrepreneurs, fitness business owners and non-profit groups. It's a complete turn-key system that is fun and rewarding for participants, and offers a huge financial upside for licensees. If you want to raise awareness for your business or organization, and increase revenue, the Splash Dash 5k is the logical choice."

John Spencer Ellis
CEO - (NESTA) National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association, Creator - Adventure Boot Camp


"Working with the Splash Dash group has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my 25+ year career in the race/event business.  There is a level of professionalism we all seek and they far exceed it at every turn.

"This concept of fun, family, fitness and celebration is poised to be one of the events of the future that become part of the fabric of every community.  I strongly urge anyone thinking about becoming engaged with a new race concept to jump at this opportunity. 

"If you don’t someone very close to you will and you can be years ahead of the curve by drawing on the entire Splash Dash experience.  You will no doubt be able to avoid the difficulties of starting from scratch by becoming part of an extremely rewarding and competent team made even more fun by the passion that surrounds the Splash Dash team... just a joy to work with!"

Paul Courtaway
President & CEO
The Original Mud Run,
Mud Run Productions,
Muddy Mama 5K


Pre-Race Logistics

There are just so many questions. The Splash Dash 5K Business program has the answers:

How to pick your venue? What equipment is required? How much water do you need? Where is coning most important? How many volunteers are required? What is the course manager responsible for? How many port o lets do you need? What is the emergency response plan? Do you need cyclists? How do you obtain insurance? Where are the EMT’s stationed? How do you obtain permits for event, food, alcohol?

Operations Manual

Your complete source to run a successful race.

• Race Basics & Details from a Master Race Director

• Registration & Pricing

• Race Committee

• Print Marketing

• Internet & Social Media Marketing

• Networking & Partnerships

• Safety & Legal

• Vendors & Volunteers

• Checklists, Timelines, Calendars

• Entertainment

• Event Add Ons

• Appendix: Sample Ads, Press Releases, B-Roll (for television coverage), Sample Newsletter E-Mails, Race Shirt Designs, Photos, Promo Video


Generating Buzz

We’ve got the tools to get your race some attention.

Social Media to increase your registrations and web traffic are all included. Splash Dash 5K owners also receive materials and instructions to get your race on television and in the news.

Web & Print Tools

No need to re-create the wheel and spend thousands of dollars on logos, websites, and print materials.

Splash Dash 5K owners receive their own customizable webpage built right into our existing, professionally designed website. This user friendly webpage can be updated just as simply as one would type up an email.

The Splash Dash 5K Owner Store is a unique portal for owners to purchase the print materials that one may need right away. Flyers, business cards and posters that can be customized with “My City Splash Dash 5K” and printed on demand and shipped right away.  Templates for magazine ads, web banners, flyers, door hangers, posters and more are included.

A Web-Based Support Community

We’ve created a web-based support
community for SD5K owners.

Splash Dash 5K Owners receive continued support and updates from our Splash Dash team including collateral design, marketing tactics, and special discounts from strategic product partners (i.e. t-shirts, equipment, etc.). Instead of competing against one another, owners can help each other become successful in the SD5K owner chat group and forum.

Splash Dash Business License System


3-Payment Option:
$850/mo for 3 months

Purchase Policy: Due to the proprietary nature of the products, refund requests will not be granted. All purchases are non-refundable.  If zip code for planned event is within a 30 mi radius of existing Splash Dash 5K the purchase will be refunded by Company in 1-2 business days.
Splash Dash 5K dba SuperMommies Fitness LLC. 1301 E. Debbie Ln Ste 102 #37. Contact


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